03 October 2010

Won't be Defeated

It has been a couple of days since I've last posted and I feel completely terrible. I wanted to do a posting everyday, but the last 48 hours have been hectic. Sara and I had a booth at the Buda Fire Fest in Buda, Texas this past Friday evening and All day on Saturday. Let me tell you it was very tiring to pack, unpack, load, unload, organize and prioritize all my merchandise 2 days in a row. Although I didn't make as much money as I had hoped it was a great experience! I passed out a lot of business cards, and flyers for both my business as well as Sara's photography. It was an experience in itself and my tutu was the center of attention at the Little Miss Fire Fest Pageant. As Halloween inches it's way to us my breath is being held because I'll hopefully have a lot of orders for costumes! I am praying this year I can bank, but only time will tell and I'm staying positive. God will provide! He always does in one way or another. I enjoyed all the new and wonderful people I met. Especially the ones that gave me great advice, and ideas to help expand my business! To you wonderful ladies I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The lady who deserves all the praise is my mom for being such a helping hand and creator as well! She made my welcoming sign wall very cute and it made the difference. My booth stood out in a good way among the other 50 vendors! I get my creativity from her and I can never tell her thank you enough. Although my parents babysat their grandchildren while my hubby and I were busy working the event. They were in hog heaven! The Buda Fest also had a pony walk and I was able to sneak away to take Ethan for a ride. My father taught him to call the horses and by George he did it! He was going bananas waiting not so patiently for his turn on the ponies. It was the cutest thing ever to see his face light up like the Fourth of July! My kids never cease to amaze me and I am forever grateful they chose me to be their mother. First weekend down of the next 3 weekends we will be busy! Next Saturday Eddie's Birthday, Sunday we're heading to the Pumpkin Patch in Elgin, Texas. This year will be tons of fun since Ethan will be able to run around and do all of the crafts that they had last year. Very excited to take pictures of my wee ones having a fabulous time! Today was an extremely busy day for me also. My husband needed to study for a test he has tomorrow and complete a few quizzes online. As I wrangled up our babies while he studied and once I got them down for a nap he was done! I ran out to the Prime Outlet here in San Marcos to get a few things for the kiddos. They are in dire need of warmer clothes and clothes that fit for that matter. GOD knew we didn't have a lot of money to spend and thankfully they were having a huge SALE at Carter's! Lily got a lot of shirts that cost $3.40 and Ethan got shirts that were $5.00. Momma is a thrifty shopper and came out like a bandit. I'm not sure if the lady rang up the clothes correctly, but I spent like nothing there for a lot of clothes, but I didn't wait around for her to figure it out! Even if she wanted to find me she couldn't because I was running like a bat out of hell. Maybe in a couple more weeks I'll go back and get them more clothes when this business starts bringing in more earnings. Come on clients!!!! I need your business and I'll make it worth every cent. Well that is all folks. Until next time, Adios!
The entrance to my booth! Go Momma.

Ethan helping move the cooler!

Momma's little Model!


  1. Don't worry, your business will grow and be prosperous, patience!

  2. Yes thank you!!! I appreciate it. My Patience is growing slowly lol