06 October 2010

Couldn't get better!!

Ethan was up bright and early this morning! Can you say, 7:30? After 2 hours of wabbling around the house in a grumpy mood Ethan crawled into bed with me and fell asleep across the bed. I was on about a sliver of our queen sized bed and Ethan had the rest. I think we need a Cali King bed! Anyone else agree? Especially when you have a bed hog like my husband and son. Well James really isn't a bed hog as he is a SNORING King. I tend to keep as far away from him and he will try to snuggle up next to me while snoring very loudly in my ear. Yuck! To get a little revenge and justice I will pinch his nose shut so he'll wake up gasping for air. He'll wake up and be like what's wrong? Where are we? It's great! Take that Mr. ISNOREEVERYNIGHT... Today came and went too fast! I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed around 11 a.m. I came into the living room to check my email to make sure my business meeting was still on and at 11:08, Ethan comes walking into the living room. He hands me my phone and says Mimi Momma, Mimi. I look at my phone and sure enough I missed a phone call from my mom. What would I have done if he hadn't of been in the bed? He is such a great helper! We steadily rushed our morning routine and were running a little late because momma had to get everything packed into the SUV aka the BLACK DIAMOND! We safely drove very fast to pick up daddy from work so we could head to Gruene to meet Kelly from Pookie Jane's to drop off my first half of her order of TuTus. This boutique picked up my line of tutus and I am completely thrilled! I have been praying night and day, day and night for someone to have faith in my talent which has happened. Kelly emailed 2 days ago and we finalized an agreement for the first batch! Come out this weekend to see what all she has available and the more you all buy the more orders she'll be making. I met Kelly at 12:30 and she loved, loved, loved the first part of her order which was such a relief. When you put so much of your heart and self on the line for others to tear down it's scary to be so vulnerable. I drove up to North Austin to surprise my dad for his birthday, but when we got there he was on a conference call. We had to wait patiently and it was hilarious because Ethan had no clue why Papo was in his office not paying attention to him. He would go up to the big glass window to his office and yell PAPO, PAPO, PAPO, Hi, PAPO! It was the cutest thing ever. After 30 minutes of visiting we headed back home, and that meant back to work I go. I finished the last batch of tutus and watched my son run like a wild Indian around the living room! He played with his new blanket I made him and it was funny. He finally wanted to go lay down in his own bed which is something he and I have been working on! He was out cold no one had to rock him or anything he just went to sleep on his own while watching LA INK. Then my hubby hears the Geico Commercial with Maxwell and after the first WEE went off nothing so my husband didn't run in to turn the TV off. Then after the 3rd WEE sure enough Ethan popped up out of a deep sleep and started coping Maxwell! That boy loves that commercial and will run around the house saying WEE MOMMA WEE! All we could hear is Ethan saying WEEEE, WEEEE, WEEEE and we cracked up laughing because there was nothing we could do. Now Ethan is back to sleep and the TV is on MUTE! What a great evening. I leave you with pictures of Ethan running around with his New Fleece Tie Blanket I made him with horses on it. Until next time! Adios

He was all sorts of happy to have his blanket!

Batman has his cape w/ a bat & Ethan has his horsies

Calling the horses

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