30 September 2010

Unfortunately a MUST

Growing up as a youngster the only 2 things I dreaded was getting shots and spankings. Now as a grown woman, mother of 2 and wife to 1 my biggest 2 fears are leaving this world for another and seeing my babies get shots. Tomorrow is Ethan's 15 month shots that he should have gotten at 12 months, but due to insurance issues we could not do it. I hate you AETNA COBRA plan and CERIDIAN because you two are sister companies, but will not communicate to each other. I paid you $558.00 to have insurance a month and it took you over 3 months to send the information to each other so in the computer it would say "ACTIVE." Very frustrating to say the least. Ethan is a champ with his shots, but he hasn't gotten them in a long time and I'm fearing he will cry tears I have yet to see. Lily hates needles, but deals with them and only lets out a loud chirp! I don't want them to get shots on the same day, but seeing how their doctor's office is in Austin and gas is expensive we must do it all on one day. Ugh not looking forward to my babies getting their shots, but it is for their own good. I have to keep telling myself that or I will cry and not take them. Thankfully my momma is coming with me to help wrangle the wiggle worm aka Ethan!!! He is just like me when I was a little girl, always on the go and always getting into stuff. Oh how the tables have turned! Lily thank heavens takes after my husband. Don't think my husband could deal with 3 of me running around this world! It is a peaceful afternoon. I washed all the clothes, sheets, towels and windexed the mirrors. Now I need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor! Probably vacuum later tonight and get my "CREATIONS" together. I stapled my business cards to my bags and stuffed them also. Called to get information about renting a pavilion in Buda which is absurd to say the least. I won't even put up how much we were told it would cost because it gives me the willies. We are doing a Christmas Photo Shoot here in San Marcos on November 14th!!! Be there or be square. I hope this helps to expand both Price Photography and Luv Bug Creations because ultimately this is what we want to do when our children go off to school *sigh* I have several more years before that happens and until then I am going to enjoy every smile, tear, tantrum, hug, kiss, poopy diaper and high 5. This is what my life has become and I couldn't ask for more!!! I am blessed to have two healthy children and a supportive husband who may not know what to do or how to do things, but he's supportive and I'll take it! He means well.  Today is a great day and I cannot wait till my wee ones wake up so we can get to playing again! It is definitely boring around this house when the sleep even though it's nice, I still miss the chaos! I honestly cannot remember what my life was like before these lil' blessings and I don't want to think about it because those were not the good days. I am living the great life now and I love it! Well that is all for now. Take care & GOD bless!

He was sliding off the couch just centimeter by centimeter! I slid him back up after this lol

Awe she's so darn precious!

29 September 2010

To DYE or NOT?!

I have one of the new songs off of Randy Rogers Bands new CD. Their song is stuck in my head, "Damn the RAIN...". and I'm not complaining. There is no RRB song that I don't adore! I am extremely anxious to see them come October 20th at Cheatham Warehouse. It has been 2 long years since I have seen the world's GREATEST band to ever grace the stage! Wow, I have been pregnant for 2 years off and on which has kept me from seeing them, but I promised myself that I would go whenever they come my way!!! As long as I wasn't pregnant and this year I'm not. Yippee!!! Technically I wasn't pregnant this time last year either, but they didn't come to town or close to me. What a relief to be pregnant. There is just something about Brady's fiddle and Randy's voice that takes me to another place, another time where life makes sense and there are no worries on my mind! All I know is that when RRB is on my radio I am at ease and their music is the cleansing your soul needs. Today was a good one! Ethan and Lily slept till 9 played for about an hour then went back to sleep until 11:45 a.m. I had no idea we all had fallen back to sleep and it was very nice cuddling with my wiggle worm! He is a whoot. I worked on my bows yet again this evening and made about 45; that's a new record! SCORE. Then I decided that these blonde highlights weren't working for me anymore. They were okay for a couple of weeks, but I missed my darker hair! It takes me back to a time where I felt complete and happy in my own skin these days I question that. Darker hair is home and comforting. Blonde hair was the days of partying and acting a fool, but those days are over. Having babies changes your body in different ways and although I'd never take those reasons for living back, I'd love to have my old bubbies back! They seem to be like two white socks flapping in the the wind on the clothes line. Anywho, I decided to dye my hair to a more chestnutty color as James called it! I wanted my friend Jennifer to fix it for me, but after checking out my schedule for the next month I will not have a free weekend since they close shop at 5 during the week. Oh well it turned out great! I will have a picture up soon. The weekend is vast approaching and I am oober excited to see the outcome of my designs! I haven't been to the Buda Fire Fest in years I think I'll do great seeing how Tracy Lawrence and Mark Chestnutt are taking stage Friday and Saturday night. They are sure to bring a crowd into this small country town!  More so Tracy than Mark! Oh My Goodness Ethan did the cutest thing.  It was 10:26 at night and Ethan walks into the living room rather than sleeping to tell me... Momma TOUCHDOWN with his little arms in the air and a giant smile on his head! I was dying my hair and I had to wash it out, but Ethan couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed in the bathroom with me. I didn't want him to get dye on him and I could hear him above the gushing water screaming MOMMA, MOMMY, MOMMA. Poor thing broke my heart and as I blow dried my hair he was still giving his daddy a hard time. As I finished up the house was silent and as I went to see where my babies were. Ethan was wide awake with his head on James' shoulder and I took him to snuggle on our recliner! I put him on my shoulder and not even 5 minutes later he was out cold. My baby boy just wanted me his momma; all is right in the world! I am exhausted going to call it a early night. That's ALL for NOW!!! Until next time. Adios

28 September 2010

Keep on Truckin'

Day 2 of the NO CAFFEINE well actually NO SODAS period challenge! Not difficult at all. I have been substituting my usual 2 colas a day with apple juice and capri suns!!! Yum. I guess I was thinking this would be harder, but I've only been drinking sodas for about a month now and before that I wasn't because I was breast feeding my lil' angel, Lily! My actual challenge is going to be drinking the 8 glasses of water a day that your body requires. Ugh I just get the chills  thinking about that. I hate water and it doesn't do a body good; well it does, but that's how I like to see it! This past Sunday was our FALL PHOTO SHOOT and it went surprisingly well. I had a few reservations, but I made enough money for the small crowd we got and I am pleased. I was planning to do the Wimberley Market Days this Saturday, but I heard about the Buda Fire Fest and decided to do rent a booth there instead. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and see my new collection of my hair bows and headbands. I need to work a lot more to expand my inventory and needless to say I will be busy for the next few nights. Can you say ALL NIGHTERS?! The funniest thing happened today. Lily had finished a bottle and I placed it on the coffee table while I was trying to burp her. Ethan grabs her bottle holds it up above his head, then spikes it on the ground and screams FOOTBALL!!! I cracked up laughing because he went over to his actual football and goes Mommy, Momma FOOTBALL while pointing it at me. I didn't realize by teaching him FOOTBALL and TOUCHDOWN, he would turn into spiking objects while screaming out those words, ha. My boy is a whoot that is for sure! Lily had 10 minutes of tummy time and that is better than her 5 minutes last week. She is working up her stamina, go baby girl!  I am content and happy with the end of my day. That's all for now!
she was all sorts of smiling today!
Ethan saying Touch Down!!!!

25 September 2010

All Things Are Possible Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!

Where to begin?! Well here's as good as any spot to start.  It has been 2 long months working 14-16 hours a day getting my collection of TuTu's, and Frilly Flip-Flops ready for tomorrow's Photo Shoot in the Park! Then last night I had another brilliant epiphany out of nowhere, go figure. I thought maybe I can learn how to make bows and after 4 hours of trying to figure those mazes of art out the thought of quitting started to seem like the only answer. I was 5 seconds away from giving up and then it hit me. The light bulb in my brain turned on and all the information went into complete the puzzle! Yeah I can be ditsy and it usually takes me longer to figure out how to make things. I'm a little A.D.D when it comes to uncomplicating stuff that isn't really complicated to some. Needless to say I figured it out after hours of persistence and my determination paid off big time! I am quite proud of myself for being able to make these cute bows for lil girls hair!!! For a while there I was getting very frustrated and irritated, but I took a 30 minute break to play with my wiggle worm & ladybug!!! They always know how to make my frown turn upside down!!! I couldn't have been anymore blessed with better children, they are tru

He wanted my earring! Ethan was very determined!
Who could resist that face?!

Tomorrow is the big day and I am anxious! I have spent an abundance of time and money to build this business from the ground up. I have faith that my creations will sell like hotcakes and this dream of mine will be sky rocketing in no time! I honestly never thought I was a crafty person until I made my first tutu for my daughters photo shoot in Late July! Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but I am going to stay POSITIVE because my faith is like a mustard seed! Without GOD nothing is possible and although there are days I feel like I'm ALONE in this crazy world I know GOD is next to me in spirit! I have to recite the serenity prayer to remind myself to rise above all whatever it is that is bothering me.
Bumble Bee

Lady Bug Costume
"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." This may help you when things are getting tough and bring a smile on your face! 
Wish me luck because tomorrow I am opening up to show a little part of me and it's weird to be a bit vulnerable!  
Army Girl GI JANE

23 September 2010

Frustrations of a Wife**

Ethan saying Cheese

Lily smiling because I played with her butt chin 

What is it with husbands not being as devoted or thoughtful as a mommy? I may not work 40 hours a week, but I do a lot more then most. I take care of our two children day in and day out with no complaints because that is what a mother does. I cook, clean, do the laundry, make bottles, and run my own business each day! I have a lot on my shoulders and yet I still keep it together. All I ask is for some help on a regular basis. I'm not asking you to split the red sea or give me the moon. Okay for instance: I was getting my tutu items ready for my first show case this Sunday! I have to get the bags ready, organize my tutus and much more tedious tasks. He comes into my sewing room to tell me he was going to clean up while I did work and when I came to bed it would ALL be done! Hearing those words was like music to my ears. If you knew my husband then you'd know how out of character that is for him! After 30-40 minutes of working diligently I cleaned up my mess and trotted off to the living room to see what all he had done, but to my amazement I found the room still a mess. Hurricane Katrina caused less of a mess, ugh. I am not sure what he was doing during that time frame, but I was annoyed beyond belief. I picked up all my son's toys, dinner plates and begin to wash dishes within 5 minutes. When he finally comes into the kitchen I have to know why on earth the house was still a war zone full of toys? His answer is priceless. I had to take a crap; the cleaning will get done when I have time. What a relief he put himself first again and didn't do what he said. This weekend his parents come to visit and I told him how hungry I was seeing how I hadn't eaten a good sized meal in almost 48 hours! James and his dad take Ethan to get lunch; once they arrive back at the house James makes himself a plate. He sits down in the living room and begins to watch T.V. while I am stuck wrangling our son up and get him fed. Then I had to clean up all of Ethan's mess before the potatoes crusted all over the place and after almost 45 minutes I was able to finally eat my lunch. I am not sure if it is just me complaining that my husband doesn't put anyone, but himself first because it seems as if he only does what he wants. At times I feel as if I am raising three children instead of two and quite frankly it's getting to be too much for me to handle. I work hard if not harder then him and I am trying to see it from his point of view. I don't know how to fix his short comings? You would think after 4 years of being asked to do this before doing what you want would sink in. He doesn't take any initiation and it worries me. If I weren't here doing all of the manual labor would he do it? Could our house stay this clean? Would the laundry be done in an orderly fashion? I cannot say for sure if he could handle all of my chores, business endeavors and most importantly the well-being of our children. What is mother to do? I have two wonderful children that GOD so graciously blessed me with and I will continue to bust my butt to give them a good life! Does he not remember how hard it was for me to be pregnant. I wasn't supposed to have children and yet he is going about his day as if he isn't thankful. I don't care how long it takes, but I will try to mold this guy I call my husband into a man. There is no I think I can, it's I know I can, I think? 


22 September 2010

Giving Up....

After hours of chit-chatting with Sara about our Fall Photo Shoot and everyday annoyances the topic of growing OLD came up. She had a little funny break down because she just realized she'll be 40 in 10 years and I told her for being 30, she's HOT! However, you know us women we never believe it and I'll say it again SARA YOU ARE GREAT LOOKING, YOU DON'T LOOK YOUR AGE! She was explaining to me that she wanted to start taking care of herself better and it honestly got me thinking about the bad habits I have. We started discussing how addicted we are to sodas or for you northerners pop! Then I had an epiphany of all epiphanies. Let's give up sodas/pop! Now I didn't say it was a smart epiphany, but an epiphany nonetheless. We are  going to start on Monday so we can have the rest of the week and weekend to guzzle as much soda before we go cold turkey! We made the agreement to have a check in everyday with our husbands and a monthly one with each other. It's strictly on the HONOR system and to reward ourselves we are going to get pedi's at the end of each month! Here is the tricky part if we cheat that person has to pay for both pedi's. Yikes! Some people drink water when they are dehydrated, I drink coke. Not good, not good at all! I can already feel those withdrawal headaches and I haven't even started yet. Oh what have I gotten myself into? I know this is for my health, but more so for my children. Drinking sodas/pop is very unhealthy and I don't want my kiddos to drink them as if they were water. I want better for my babies! I should have given up this bad habit a long time ago, but it took the actions of my son to make me see I needed to do it now! My little man drinks all sorts of beverages: milk, oj, fruit juice, gatorade, water, etc. My hubby accidentally left his Dr. Pepper on the coffee table and I hear the sound of aluminum rubbing across the wood and I turn around to see my son raising the can up! It was a mad dash from our kitchen door way to our living room, 15 feet of a straight USA Olympics run! I remember saying NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO..... I can see the soda/pop coming out of the can in slow motion and I as I get there too late he is drenched from head to toe with the can still in the air. He was giggling and saying momma yum, momma yum! His first encounter with soda/pop was a good one in his eyes and I am mortified because he really enjoyed what liquid he was able to consume. Am I looking forward to giving up my most unhealthy habit? No, not in the least, but I know it is the right thing to do. It is ironic that I am a health nut when it comes to my food intake, but I guess everyone has their weaknesses and mine just happens to be COCA-COLA! Some women obsess over shoes, others make up and mine is drinking a soda/pop. I know what a weirdo, but this is me and I love being different. Being average isn't in my vocabulary!!! You all caught me you caught the Coca-Cola bandit, but it won't be long until this bandit abandons the lifestyle. We can do it Sara, I know it!
Ethan after he had his daddy's Dr. Pepper!

21 September 2010

Potty Training 101

Well my husband and I came up with the MILLION DOLLAR idea to POTTY train our 15 month old. This idea came into play last night after our son had an explosion in his diaper that almost knocked us off of our feet. I swear for a little boy he has man poop and it is worse because it gets smeared all over his bottom area. I wanted to make it an adventure to find his toilet, but my hubby had other plans. I was about to get Ethan ready to help find it even though I knew it was placed on his shelf in the closet. My hubby walks into the living room with the toilet and goes "let's do it!" Ahhh my other love GEORGE STRAIT. So much for making it fun to find the toilet for out little man, but I digress. My hubby strips Ethan of all articles of clothing from the waist down and it was hilarious because his shirt covered part of his man business, but not all. He liked sitting on his FROGGY toilet, and then after 10 minutes he was over it. Ethan took off like a bolt of lightning, running from room to room calling the horses! He opens and closes his hand to the horses which makes them come. All thanks to my padre for teaching him that! It is super cute to see him call the horses until he's been asleep on your shoulder for almost half an hour and as soon as he starts to snore he wakes up from a dead sleep to call the horses with a huge smile on his face. He is a character! Well back to potty training... My husband finally corrals our monkey boy and places him back on the toilet! I was working on my POODLE SKIRT TUTU when my hubby just abandons the training to do who knows what in the bedroom?! Ethan was good and sat there for another few minutes then hops off as if a needle pricked his toosh. Squats next to his toilet and lets nature call like a waterfall. I start laughing uncontrollably yelling for my hubby to come in and get our son. James was like what are you laughing at, and I tell him Ethan peed right next to his toilet! My hubby didn't think it was funny, but with moments like these all you can do is laugh and learn. Now my husband realizes he cannot leave a little boy to his own devices or accidents like these will emerge at every corner! I am getting peace and quiet for now because my son again for the 4th time has put himself to sleep. I could really SCREAM and JUMP for joy, but I'll contain myself. Today is a new day and we are officially officially starting potty training!!! Wish us LUCK, we'll need it with this little cowboy...

20 September 2010

What a great addiction VISTAPRINT is...

I have come up with the most brilliant idea, and that is to start my own business!! Not an easy task in the least to be an entrepreneur and a full time mommy. Sometimes I wonder what am I thinking?! I go from super mom; making bottles, changing diapers, folding clothes and cooking dinner to designing the ultimate girly tutus! It is daunting to have patience especially with such a tedious task like sewing and cutting tulle. I have no idea where this creative side came from because my main focus was my children. Then my husband decided to go back to school full-time in order to better our family and attain his bachelors degree. I can say it's a scary process not knowing what the future holds financially right now, but I am pushing forward not looking back! But I cannot contain myself when it comes to girlifying a tutu. My great friend Sara Price opened my eyes to my new addiction VISTA PRINT! Oh my word... I was skeptical about being scammed into their version of "FREE." I thought I'd get one thing for FREE and the rest of my purchases would be double maybe even triple. Needless to say I was frightened and after getting all of my "FREE" items, I was holding my breath to see the total! $15.16 was all I had to shell out and that was due to shipping. Now it is like Christmas everyday getting emails letting me know what I can get for free! I have already paid $70.00 total for shipping on items that cost well over $500.00. Now who is the bargain shopper?! I owe a big thank you to Sara because without her advice I would have never been able to stock up my business with the essentials! I know you may not believe me, but if you are contemplating starting a small business check out the website. I reassure you, it will knock your socks off as well! I am an addict and I bet you will be too. 

Getting Ready for RENFEST

We are super excited to take our little family to the Renaissance Festival in Plantersville in 3 weeks for the Fairies and Wizards weekend!!!! We bought our lil' man a wizards pattern and medieval blue fabric! Lily is going to be a sparkly blue fairy that will match her brothers outfit. My husband and I are still on the fence about whether or not to dress up, but I think it is all in good fun!!! It'll make for a great photo and memory that we'll never forget! I can't wait to post pictures of our weekend and hopefully this rain will cease because how fun can the RENS FEST be if you're all muddy? Wait my son would LOVE that!!!

The Beginning of Something NEW...

Well I'm new to this whole BLOG phenom. Didn't think it would be my cup of tea, and then I got to thinking! I've never done it therefore I will never know if I will like it unless I put in the efforts. So here I am actually making a blog for myself, ha who would have thunk it? Today was an unusual day..... Ethan was up at the crack of dawn and Lily lay peaceful in her crib! I was not by any means ready to begin my morning, but once you have children, it's no longer your life. I tried to give my little monkey boy a banana and OJ, but he refused. He thought it would be better if I ate the banana and drank his juice. I taught him to share, and yet I succeeded a little too much if you ask me. Lily finally rose from her slumber and began her morning around 9:45! Having two children can be very difficult, and rewarding all wrapped up into one. I spend many of hours chasing my son because he's the human version of Speedy Gonzales! The moment his feet hit the ground he is gone and causing low keep havoc. My little girl who is only 2 months just sits and lounges in her vibrating bed! She is just happy to get some play time, food and a cozy bed to snuggle in. I am trying to cherish these moments because I know soon enough they will be backing their boxes and moving off to start their own lives! That day will be a very sad and happy day for me, but I try not to think about what the far future holds! I'm going to stop looking back and start moving on! Learn how to face my fears, and love with all of my heart. Try to make my mark because I want to leave a legacy behind, be something my kids can be proud of! That is all for now...