20 September 2010

The Beginning of Something NEW...

Well I'm new to this whole BLOG phenom. Didn't think it would be my cup of tea, and then I got to thinking! I've never done it therefore I will never know if I will like it unless I put in the efforts. So here I am actually making a blog for myself, ha who would have thunk it? Today was an unusual day..... Ethan was up at the crack of dawn and Lily lay peaceful in her crib! I was not by any means ready to begin my morning, but once you have children, it's no longer your life. I tried to give my little monkey boy a banana and OJ, but he refused. He thought it would be better if I ate the banana and drank his juice. I taught him to share, and yet I succeeded a little too much if you ask me. Lily finally rose from her slumber and began her morning around 9:45! Having two children can be very difficult, and rewarding all wrapped up into one. I spend many of hours chasing my son because he's the human version of Speedy Gonzales! The moment his feet hit the ground he is gone and causing low keep havoc. My little girl who is only 2 months just sits and lounges in her vibrating bed! She is just happy to get some play time, food and a cozy bed to snuggle in. I am trying to cherish these moments because I know soon enough they will be backing their boxes and moving off to start their own lives! That day will be a very sad and happy day for me, but I try not to think about what the far future holds! I'm going to stop looking back and start moving on! Learn how to face my fears, and love with all of my heart. Try to make my mark because I want to leave a legacy behind, be something my kids can be proud of! That is all for now...



  1. Oh, I am glad you started the blog, I think you will really love it as a creative outlet for your thoughts.

  2. glad you started a blog!i hope it helps you!