28 September 2010

Keep on Truckin'

Day 2 of the NO CAFFEINE well actually NO SODAS period challenge! Not difficult at all. I have been substituting my usual 2 colas a day with apple juice and capri suns!!! Yum. I guess I was thinking this would be harder, but I've only been drinking sodas for about a month now and before that I wasn't because I was breast feeding my lil' angel, Lily! My actual challenge is going to be drinking the 8 glasses of water a day that your body requires. Ugh I just get the chills  thinking about that. I hate water and it doesn't do a body good; well it does, but that's how I like to see it! This past Sunday was our FALL PHOTO SHOOT and it went surprisingly well. I had a few reservations, but I made enough money for the small crowd we got and I am pleased. I was planning to do the Wimberley Market Days this Saturday, but I heard about the Buda Fire Fest and decided to do rent a booth there instead. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and see my new collection of my hair bows and headbands. I need to work a lot more to expand my inventory and needless to say I will be busy for the next few nights. Can you say ALL NIGHTERS?! The funniest thing happened today. Lily had finished a bottle and I placed it on the coffee table while I was trying to burp her. Ethan grabs her bottle holds it up above his head, then spikes it on the ground and screams FOOTBALL!!! I cracked up laughing because he went over to his actual football and goes Mommy, Momma FOOTBALL while pointing it at me. I didn't realize by teaching him FOOTBALL and TOUCHDOWN, he would turn into spiking objects while screaming out those words, ha. My boy is a whoot that is for sure! Lily had 10 minutes of tummy time and that is better than her 5 minutes last week. She is working up her stamina, go baby girl!  I am content and happy with the end of my day. That's all for now!
she was all sorts of smiling today!
Ethan saying Touch Down!!!!

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  1. It's getting better, hopefully the no caffeine will be ok after a while!!