29 September 2010

To DYE or NOT?!

I have one of the new songs off of Randy Rogers Bands new CD. Their song is stuck in my head, "Damn the RAIN...". and I'm not complaining. There is no RRB song that I don't adore! I am extremely anxious to see them come October 20th at Cheatham Warehouse. It has been 2 long years since I have seen the world's GREATEST band to ever grace the stage! Wow, I have been pregnant for 2 years off and on which has kept me from seeing them, but I promised myself that I would go whenever they come my way!!! As long as I wasn't pregnant and this year I'm not. Yippee!!! Technically I wasn't pregnant this time last year either, but they didn't come to town or close to me. What a relief to be pregnant. There is just something about Brady's fiddle and Randy's voice that takes me to another place, another time where life makes sense and there are no worries on my mind! All I know is that when RRB is on my radio I am at ease and their music is the cleansing your soul needs. Today was a good one! Ethan and Lily slept till 9 played for about an hour then went back to sleep until 11:45 a.m. I had no idea we all had fallen back to sleep and it was very nice cuddling with my wiggle worm! He is a whoot. I worked on my bows yet again this evening and made about 45; that's a new record! SCORE. Then I decided that these blonde highlights weren't working for me anymore. They were okay for a couple of weeks, but I missed my darker hair! It takes me back to a time where I felt complete and happy in my own skin these days I question that. Darker hair is home and comforting. Blonde hair was the days of partying and acting a fool, but those days are over. Having babies changes your body in different ways and although I'd never take those reasons for living back, I'd love to have my old bubbies back! They seem to be like two white socks flapping in the the wind on the clothes line. Anywho, I decided to dye my hair to a more chestnutty color as James called it! I wanted my friend Jennifer to fix it for me, but after checking out my schedule for the next month I will not have a free weekend since they close shop at 5 during the week. Oh well it turned out great! I will have a picture up soon. The weekend is vast approaching and I am oober excited to see the outcome of my designs! I haven't been to the Buda Fire Fest in years I think I'll do great seeing how Tracy Lawrence and Mark Chestnutt are taking stage Friday and Saturday night. They are sure to bring a crowd into this small country town!  More so Tracy than Mark! Oh My Goodness Ethan did the cutest thing.  It was 10:26 at night and Ethan walks into the living room rather than sleeping to tell me... Momma TOUCHDOWN with his little arms in the air and a giant smile on his head! I was dying my hair and I had to wash it out, but Ethan couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed in the bathroom with me. I didn't want him to get dye on him and I could hear him above the gushing water screaming MOMMA, MOMMY, MOMMA. Poor thing broke my heart and as I blow dried my hair he was still giving his daddy a hard time. As I finished up the house was silent and as I went to see where my babies were. Ethan was wide awake with his head on James' shoulder and I took him to snuggle on our recliner! I put him on my shoulder and not even 5 minutes later he was out cold. My baby boy just wanted me his momma; all is right in the world! I am exhausted going to call it a early night. That's ALL for NOW!!! Until next time. Adios


  1. You had lots to say this time!! I am sure the hair looks great. Can't wait to go to Fire Fest this weekend.

  2. I know. I hadn't really posted a good length one since I started. Last night I did a lot of bows & I was full of energy lol I'm oober excited also! Plus I get to hang out with you and that's always fun to me