25 September 2010

All Things Are Possible Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!

Where to begin?! Well here's as good as any spot to start.  It has been 2 long months working 14-16 hours a day getting my collection of TuTu's, and Frilly Flip-Flops ready for tomorrow's Photo Shoot in the Park! Then last night I had another brilliant epiphany out of nowhere, go figure. I thought maybe I can learn how to make bows and after 4 hours of trying to figure those mazes of art out the thought of quitting started to seem like the only answer. I was 5 seconds away from giving up and then it hit me. The light bulb in my brain turned on and all the information went into complete the puzzle! Yeah I can be ditsy and it usually takes me longer to figure out how to make things. I'm a little A.D.D when it comes to uncomplicating stuff that isn't really complicated to some. Needless to say I figured it out after hours of persistence and my determination paid off big time! I am quite proud of myself for being able to make these cute bows for lil girls hair!!! For a while there I was getting very frustrated and irritated, but I took a 30 minute break to play with my wiggle worm & ladybug!!! They always know how to make my frown turn upside down!!! I couldn't have been anymore blessed with better children, they are tru

He wanted my earring! Ethan was very determined!
Who could resist that face?!

Tomorrow is the big day and I am anxious! I have spent an abundance of time and money to build this business from the ground up. I have faith that my creations will sell like hotcakes and this dream of mine will be sky rocketing in no time! I honestly never thought I was a crafty person until I made my first tutu for my daughters photo shoot in Late July! Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but I am going to stay POSITIVE because my faith is like a mustard seed! Without GOD nothing is possible and although there are days I feel like I'm ALONE in this crazy world I know GOD is next to me in spirit! I have to recite the serenity prayer to remind myself to rise above all whatever it is that is bothering me.
Bumble Bee

Lady Bug Costume
"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." This may help you when things are getting tough and bring a smile on your face! 
Wish me luck because tomorrow I am opening up to show a little part of me and it's weird to be a bit vulnerable!  
Army Girl GI JANE

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