20 September 2010

What a great addiction VISTAPRINT is...

I have come up with the most brilliant idea, and that is to start my own business!! Not an easy task in the least to be an entrepreneur and a full time mommy. Sometimes I wonder what am I thinking?! I go from super mom; making bottles, changing diapers, folding clothes and cooking dinner to designing the ultimate girly tutus! It is daunting to have patience especially with such a tedious task like sewing and cutting tulle. I have no idea where this creative side came from because my main focus was my children. Then my husband decided to go back to school full-time in order to better our family and attain his bachelors degree. I can say it's a scary process not knowing what the future holds financially right now, but I am pushing forward not looking back! But I cannot contain myself when it comes to girlifying a tutu. My great friend Sara Price opened my eyes to my new addiction VISTA PRINT! Oh my word... I was skeptical about being scammed into their version of "FREE." I thought I'd get one thing for FREE and the rest of my purchases would be double maybe even triple. Needless to say I was frightened and after getting all of my "FREE" items, I was holding my breath to see the total! $15.16 was all I had to shell out and that was due to shipping. Now it is like Christmas everyday getting emails letting me know what I can get for free! I have already paid $70.00 total for shipping on items that cost well over $500.00. Now who is the bargain shopper?! I owe a big thank you to Sara because without her advice I would have never been able to stock up my business with the essentials! I know you may not believe me, but if you are contemplating starting a small business check out the website. I reassure you, it will knock your socks off as well! I am an addict and I bet you will be too. 

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