27 October 2010

Late Night Activities

My son is quite the character and always stirring up some type of fun for himself! He has recently started cutting 3 teeth on top of the 2 that have already broken through. This poor little guy is such a trooper and I lucked out that he isn't the type of baby that just screams or yells! He quietly climbs into my lap and cuddles for a few hours, then pushes away from me when he's okay he says "Momma All Beddder!" He cracks me up. Now for the past 2 nights my little boy has stayed up 3 hours past his bed time and momma hasn't been able to get any type of work done. My business is important to me, but that business does NOT hold a candle two my babies. If I fail or succeed does not really matter if my kids are not happy because at the end of the day money and success will not put happiness or love in their lives. Thankfully staying up till midnight has come with very great memories! One evening Ethan kept crawling into his bed and laying down then popping up yelling "MOMMY! I UV YOU!" with a huge grin on his face. Like a bolt of lightning he was gone in a flash, darting off to the living room and I was not too far behind him. I decided to come up with any way to get him to use up whatever energy he had bundled up inside. Thus the PILLOW FIGHT ensued. I was sitting on our couch and he was on the opposite side of our coffee table. I would toss our lightest pillows across at him and it would tap him in the chest which made him screech with excitement! He'd go pick up the pillows I tossed and come double fisting the biggest pillows at full speed to me. He knock me in the head and screech with delight! We played this game for about 15 minutes and after a minute or two of rubbing his eyes I knew the warrior was ready for bed. We tucked him into bed and kissed him goodnight! Night 2 Ethan could not get to bed thus sparked the buckin' bronco game. What I thought would last for 5 minutes did not correlate in Ethan time. My son's grasp on time is whenever he is tired of the game in 5 minutes or 95 minutes, but it is on his clock! I crawled around the living room for 45 minutes rearing up in the arm, kicked my legs back up and naaed like a horse. When I got tired after 8 minutes Ethan asked me "Why tired Momma?" and "Ahh Com'on Momma peeassee!" Since he had asked nicely and did not have a meltdown since I needed a break the game began again. Finally after 45 minutes of a constant cardio work out momma had to tagged out as Daddy tagged in. Ethan tried ever so sweetly to convince Daddy to continue the game he left off with Momma, but Daddy came up with an even better game! Ethan was tackled with tickles, kisses and belly blows. Their game last for a good 30 minutes and Ethan was still not tired. We had a load of laundry to fold and put away!!! I had the basket by me and I had Ethan take the article of clothing I had folded to Daddy on the other side of the living room. He walked back and forth for about 20 minutes, but that still did not do the job. Now 11:45 creeps around and Ethan slides off the recliner from Daddy, sluggishly walks over to me on the couch! He climbs into my lap and nuzzles up against my chest; not even 15 minutes later he was sawing logs. Ethan was out for the count and I tucked him into bed! This morning started off with a great laugh. Ethan and my day start off the same. We get his breakfast together, go pick out his clothes for the day, he eats his banana while I change his pamper, and clothe him! Well Ethan did not want to drink from his sippy cup I suppose because he dunked himself in my half a glass of Sunny D. He got a little bit of a shock when the nice and chilly liquid touched his body, but then that frown turned back into a smile. He started giggling and Momma also because in these instances what is getting upset going to do? Like the old saying goes "Don't cry over spilled MILK!" Thankfully it just got his shirt wet and we cleaned him up; picked out a new shirt. Today is going to be a fun day if this morning is foreshadowing of what is to come!!! Night 3 is tonight, so I leave this as a TO BE CONTINUED...
Climbing on!

He had a good grip!!!

Screeching with delight!

26 October 2010

As The WIND Blows By

As I sit here in my recliner seeing the leaves rustle in the wind and the branches sway side to side, I think to myself could life get any better! We have been sitting here enjoying what a marvelous day GOD has given me; all of us. What will my memory of this day be in 10 years? Will I remember how beautiful the sun was glistening against the changing leafs? Or how graceful the wind blows in my hair? The way my daughter slightly snores and lets out a huge sigh of relief? Whatever you are doing today take the time to enjoy the now because you may not know what tomorrow or the next 60 seconds will bring. Life does not always turn out the way we dreamed, though, imagined or even hoped, but it is what you make of it! You can dwell on the what ifs and cry over what should have been. I realize we need to appreciate what is and the life we have created! The grass is not always greener on the other side and although some moments seem difficult, but there is no obstacle GOD has given me that I have not been able to overcome. I have been dreaming my entire life to be the one thing in the whole world and GOD has gifted me with the only wish I have longed for which is to be a Mommy! Life is not what happens to us we control our life and we can set it spinning off on a course all over our own. Do not let these precious moments pass you by because you will regret not enjoying every second. All any of us wants is more time, and let go of whatever you hold deep down within yourself. It is time to stop living in the past, and take a hold of the present so your future is what you want it to be. And if the future is not exactly what you planned, remember that is okay! No ones life is perfect and the glitches are okay. It is how you overcome those glitches that makes the difference.  The past two days I have been getting my daughter's baptism plans in order and her little gown is the most precious little dress! I made her a bow and whipped up a cute flower design if she doesn't like the bow I created for her. My husband is heading down to his parents house in Sugar Land to have a garage sale! His parents are going to be putting their house on the market and want to get rid of the items that belong to my husband. We are hoping he makes a lot of money and I have a great feeling he will because he has a lot of stuff put away!! I am very excited about Halloween this year. It is Ethan's second Halloween, but this year we can take him trick-o-treating! He is going to be a Lil' Sheriff and Lily, a lady bug. Speaking of which I need to finish Ethan's chaps this week and thankfully Lily's costume is totally complete. I have a few orders to finish up and deliver in a couple of days!!! I think my crocheted hats are going to be a huge hit, I've sold 3 already!!! Kudos to me and my momma. She is the crocheter and I want to learn, but I don't think I have the time with everything else going on in my life. One day in the near future I'll have to learn because it is a good trait to have! Well until next time y'all. Adios 
I don't know how she can sleep like that?

Rocking in my old chair my parents fixed up for him!

23 October 2010

What do we have here?

Yesterday was pretty busy, but nothing too eventful happened. I played with my little man and woman!!! They are too precious and developing rapidly fast. Any mother would be so proud. Ethan and Lily are exceeding their milestones, rising above the bar and at times it isn't always good. For instance, Ethan learned how to unlock the child proofing we did to our cabinets and learned how to open gates that keep him from getting into other rooms, he isn't supposed to be in. My cowboy is too smart for wards and Miss Lily, well that woman has learned how to scooch. It's not a full on crawl, but she isn't supposed to do any type of crawling until 5-6 months and she's barely 3! My babies are true miracles and blessings!!! When I was pregnant with my son, I'd always hear "they grow up so fast. you'll blink and they are married with babies of their own!" Everyone that has told us that is completely correct and I hate it because I can remember finding out I was pregnant for the first time. Now I have two babies and I just want a PAUSE BUTTON! I would love for time to stand still and saver all these moments because I don't want to miss anything. I know it isn't possible, but it would be very nice to have one! I filed my hot check on Friday and now I have given my dilemma onto a lady who knows what she's doing. Now I am receiving messages, instant messages about getting my payment and all I have to say is it's a little too late. I tried to be cooperative, helpful, patient and a complete pushover if you ask me, but I am learning that I just need to stick to my guns! And that is exactly what I am going to do. Ignore her calls, emails and any other forms of contact with her because it's her problem not mine anymore! I registered Lily B. for her baptism and we are scheduled for November 13th. Not the ideal date I had initially wanted, but hey at least we have a date and it's going to happen soon. My husband found a cute little baby lizard roaming around the bushes in my parents yard and we brought it home so Ethan could have his very own pet. We made him a nice home in our old aquarium and he seems to be enjoying his new bachelors pad, but he hasn't eaten thus far. I am concerned and I think it's because he misses being outdoors! We are going to catch him some baby crickets in the morning and if not we're heading to PetsMart tomorrow afternoon. Saying a little pray for "IZZIE" the Lizard!! We don't want to have to release him, but I'd rather let him go alive then have to bury him. Today was a pretty calm and I made several bows as well as tees! They look awesome if I do say so myself! Don't mean to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! I'm looking forward to making more, but in due time. Well that is all for now, until next time. Adios!

21 October 2010

Hands Down Best Concert Last Night

No caption needed!!!

Yesterday was a frustrating day with my business. I hate when people take advantage of me and say one thing, but do another. I am busting my toocas to build this business from the ground up by myself with no hand outs from anyone because that is just the type of person my parents raised. Here in the last 4 & 1/2 years after the separation from my ex fiance Chris; I've become a softy. I don't want to say I was a hard person, but I didn't put up with peoples b.s. or let anyone walk all over me. I know I pushed him away because of my own insecurities and now I've let that hardness of myself go for what happened with my ex. He was a great man, loved me with all that he had, surprised me with lilies all the time, would dance our song even though he hated dancing, snuggled just because he knew I liked it and took me out every Friday night for date night. I promised myself I'd never get hurt like that again and I promised that I'd never let myself push people away. But apparently I have let my guard go way down and the trust go way up. I need to realize that you cannot trust everyone you think you know. A girl I have known growing up ordered some cute flip flops with zebra print detailing on them and asked me to let her take the two pair even though she didn't have the money. She wrote me a check to hold as a way to know she plans to pay me back! I trusted that she wouldn't screw me around and now it's been over 2 months. I am beside myself because she has the audacity to start her own business like mine and tell me I've spent large amounts of money at Hobby Lobby, they must love me now. She owes me $25, but can spend hundreds of dollars and yet paying me is too much for them financially? Every time we set up a date to exchange her check for cash she bails on me and gives this sap story about something in her car breaking or kids needing this. You cannot tell me oh my kids feel sorry for me because please did you forget I have two little ones also? You cannot play that game with me. I am having to take this up with the district attorney's office because I am tired of her running me around! It's time I let go and let them take over from here. Maybe then I'll get my money back!!! But the highlight of my day came that evening....

After spending much of my day trying to find an extra ticket for my husband because none of my RRB (Randy Rogers Band) fan friends couldn't make it. It took me 4 hours of trying to sell my ticket and by chance they opened the ticket booth online for 10 minutes. I luckily got him a ticket and we got ourselves as well as the kiddos ready! My mom came over to watch the kiddos for us and we went to dinner at Garcia's; split beef fajita quesadillas!! Mhhhmmmm very delicioso for sure. We finished dinner around 7 and went to wait at Cheatham Warehouse for about an hour! James and I chit-chatted about stuff, talked two a few other people waiting in line. The concert got going around 9:15 and the boys finally went on stage at 10:00. And that is all she WROTE!! I sang my heart out to all their songs and even watched a girl I told to be discrete about drinking since she was 19 get kicked out. I guess her interpretation of discrete is standing on a chair with her beer in hand and her arm in the air with a huge "X" on her hand. She was a brunette wannabe sorority girl, but she should have been blonde for thinking she wouldn't get kicked out. You weren't that cute sweetheart, sorry! I didn't let her stupidity and ignorance ruin my night since we had befriended her and her friend who got kicked out for buying the drinks because she was over 21. Tisk Tisk Tisk ladies! We left the concert around 12:30 came home, dropped trow in the laundry room because our clothes wreaked of smoke. I hoped in the shower, and then my hubby!!! I snuggled under the cool sheets while my hubby got fresh and clean in the shower. We were up at 6:30 to take care of the kiddos. What a day its been! I cleaned the entire house: "vacuumed, swept, wiped down the counters, washed out the trash can, sanitized the diaper genie, pledged the coffee table" washed/folded clothes, cooked dinner, re-cleaned the kitchen, made both babies their nightly bottles & now it's momma time!! First 48 anyone?! That is my new favorite show ever since I quit my job at the Hays County District Attorney's office. Well that is all for now!! Adios

Waiting for my BOYS to HIT the STAGE!

My hubby bought me the RRB HAT!! Yay

Les Lawless (Drummer) and I

18 October 2010

Vacay Weekend

I never realized how much I would think about Blogging while on our 2 day mini vacay. Actually I only thought about it twice since we were having such a blast! Friday my hubby got off of work at 2:15 and we drove to Sugar Land, Texas to my in laws house. What normally takes people 3 or 3.5 hours took us 2 hours on the dot! Yeah some may say I have a lead foot and yet others may say that is horrible with two children, but those people don't have a toddler. My son took about an hour nap and was awake for the last hour! He got fussy about 30-40 minutes from my in laws, what a relief because we figured he might just scream and yell so we would take him out of his chair. Thankfully Ethan was such a good sport and only fussed off and on!!! We got to Sugar Land at 5 and played in their backyard for about 2 hours. Ate dinner from Carreli's best Italian mom and pop restaurant I've ever eaten at! To think I used to believe the Italian Garden here in San Marcos was delicious. They don't hold a candle to Sugar Land's hidden secret! Ethan was all sorts of hyper Friday night and he didn't get to sleep until 10:45, very unlike him. But he hadn't seen his grandparents in over a month or two. I stupidly forgot to pack Lily's onesie that I made specifically for her Fairy Costume! My mother in law Lyn and I went over to Target got some supplies. It took me about an hour to come up with an idea and another hour to complete! I have to say it was well worth the time and effort because her onesie was perfect. She looked so incredibly adorable, but when does she not? We just have two of the most gorgeous and happy babies that you would ever know. To think I was afraid my babies would be ugly or bad! GOD blessed us with these little angels. Saturday James and I got up at 7:15 so we could get ourselves together before waking the children. I lost my cell phone and we all searched for about 45 minutes, but still nothing. I finally said it was okay that I didn't have it and we should go! We arrived at the Renaissance Festival at 10:15 and we all stepped back in time. Ethan put on his wizard costume that was the best looking outfit besides Lily's! We saw a few shows, the jousting and did some fun Toddler activities. I got my hair braided and face painted for reasonable prices. YAY for me! Lily made the QUEEN stop and awe over here for about 10 minutes. What can I saw we make beautiful babies! She was like that is mine, the perfect Fairy Princess and my hubby was like keep dreaming malady! As we waited on my mother in law Lyn to watch her favorite band there Ethan made a new friend. There was this nymph elf guy dressed from head to toe in a great costume! Ethan was back in his costume and they played around with each other for about 15 minutes!!! At one point there was about 7 to 8 people photographing there interaction! I was one of the 1, 7 or 8 people. People were coming up to me and showing the great pictures they had of our son. Ethan gave the man some knuckles, a good bye handshake and a wave bye-bye!!! We returned the wagon and were on the road again around 5:15 p.m. It took us around 2 hours to get to the RENFEST, but over 3 hours to get home. I despise Houston traffic and that right there is the reason we will not be moving there. If you think Austin has horrible traffic please don't waste your breath because I know real traffic now, ugh! My hubby and I played with our babies for a few more hours until they crashed. Saturday was such a great day and we all made memories that will last forever. Sunday we got up, helped get the house back to its normal state even though it wasn't a mess. I didn't let Ethan demolish the house because given the opportunity he would have and it's not appropriate to let your children disorganize others houses! Just some friendly reminders to people who let their kids pull things off of shelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables, etc. We were able to make a pit stop on Ethan's godfathers house!! Ethan played around with Jay's dog Annie and had the greatest time. His smile and laughter is the reason we want to get a puppy desperately. Ethan lit up and didn't stop smiling until we had to get back on the road!! But we have put the puppy hunt on hold for now because every puppy we've wanted has either been adopted or the owner keeps giving us the run around. My hubby and I see that as a sign that we don't need or should get a puppy right now. We plan to wait another 6-8 months and then revisit this idea!!! Now we are back home and it never felt so sweet. I started on some work projects, completed one of the tees I am making for a friend and started on the other before bed last night. I had a stomach attack last night and unfortunately I don't have anymore of my meds. I need to make an appointment with my new doctor in hopes of getting a new prescription because I need them to function. On a good note I worked through the pain and didn't have to go to the hospital or pass out. That is a first for me and I couldn't be any happier! I am exhausted, but in a good way and can't wait for Halloween. I am making Ethan his Sheriff costume and it will be my first outfit made by yours truly. I have stitched fabric onto an already made shirt, but I'm a little scared it won't look good. All that matters is that I try and that is all I should care about! I need to go register Lily for her baptism we are having on the 30th of this month. I have been wanting to get her christened since she was born, but since she was so itty bitty no dressed would fit her. She would get eat alive by all the fabric and we don't want that at all. I have a lot on my plate right now, but what would my life be without lots to do? Well that is all for now folks! Until next time have a wonderful day. Adios

14 October 2010

Get away...

Rules of living are not written in a book and learning from experience is how you grow. I have been working diligently on my business and striving very hard to make a dependable reputation. Working day and night 14-16 hours at a time for 2.5 months! I think it is about time we blow this Popsicle stand aka our casa. It's no 5 star vacay we are taking, but it's our version of flying across the globe to some exotic island! We are taking the kids to the Renaissance festival in Plantersville, Texas and it'll be Ethan's second year, Lily's first. Honestly, I've been secretly counting down the months till the RENFEST came back around and I couldn't be any more excited. It feels like Christmas came 2 months early! The days seem to fly by too quickly and I wish there was a slow down button or a pause because I want to saver these moments of my babies being babies!!! I am going to take tons and tons of pictures. I spent the day cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the house so that I can leave for Sugar Land in peace. Not having to worry that I will have to come home to a messy house and it's a great feeling! Now I just have to load the SUV up tomorrow afternoon and hit the road by 2:30. Hopefully we won't hit any traffic because if you've ever been in Houston during 6 o'clock it's a huge pain. I remember one take we made it to Houston in 1.5 hours and it normally takes 3 hours. Then we got stuck in backed up traffic due to a wreck for about 1.5 hours.  I was so made because that was a record for me, but ehh you live and learn. I don't think I've driven that fast in over a year now. I can't wait to see my babies in their outfits!!! To be continued...

13 October 2010

Out of NoWhere

Yesterday was a regular Tuesday for me and the kids!!! Ethan up at 8, breakfast at 8:15ish, play time from 8:45-9:30, and a 1 hour nap. But our afternoon was getting spruced up! I have volunteered my eyes for research. I know you are wondering how do you volunteer your eyes for research? My mother works in the physical therapy department at Texas State University and some of the students are developing a theory on eye sight. They need 2-3 people who have no eye sight or brain issues and will test people who have eye or brain problems. I was dropped off my by mom to Derek Hall while she watched my 2 gorgeous babies. My meeting experiment started at noon, but it took me 20 minutes just to find the dang room and another 30 minutes for the tests. 231 B is inside 231 and it is helpful if you read signs, thank you very much! I was afraid that the tests were going to be difficult, but they weren't and I was greatly relieved. After all was said and done the clock struck 12:43 which meant my mom only had 17 minutes for lunch therefore we rushed over to the LBJ student center to get our grub on! I am not sure what Pizza Hut on campus puts in their Pepperoni Pizza, but speaking from experience please don't eat it. A fair warning!!! We said our good-byes with my mom and their grandma then we were off to go home. The minute I walked in the door an overwhelming pain hit all over my body specifically my tummy. Our living room didn't seem so cool anymore and every 2-4 minutes I was in the bathroom TBC (taking care of business). After 30 minutes of having to sprint to our restroom I tried calling my husband! What do you know? He doesn't answer and even better it goes straight to voice mail meaning he never charged it the night before. I get a message on Facebook telling me he forgot to re-juice his battery and I scramble around to find my phone! I get a hold of my mom who catches James right before he leaves work. Oh yes my mom and husband work together except James is just part-time! TSU won't allow him to work full-time while going to school full-time, stinky, stinky, stinky, but I understand their rationality. The two of them hopped in my moms trail blazer and raced over to our house to help me out! Thankfully my mom caught James because once he leaves work for the afternoon there is no telling where he goes? Some days he'll go to the REC to exercise, the Library to study, student center to watch TV or the quad to READ outside since the weather has been magnificent lately. James stayed home and missed his afternoon class to take care of our kiddos! I laid down in our bed, but Ethan had other plans! He kept screaming "momma, momma, momma!" I let him come snuggle in bed with me. It's not his fault that momma felt like complete poop and he is used to being with me day in and day out. When you are a mommy there is no break time, no time to be sick, or free time!!! I will suck it up for my kids and not let not feeling well consume me. Mind over matter, remember that. I finally gave into the need to sleep and took about a 1.5 hour nap. But really it was closer to a 45 minute nap because every 20-25 minutes Ethan was wanting to climb into bed with me. And what good mother turns her baby away? Not this one that is for sure. I felt a little out of it when I woke up,  but pushed through it. I got up, walked around for a while and then  made my way back to bed!! My padre stopped by to snatch his grandson for dinner at their favorite restaurant, Mamacita's. Gave me time to work on Miss Alex's 1st birthday tee! All was going well until James distracted me and I didn't realize that the other side of the shirt had snuck under the lettering. I knew something was wrong because I was using twice as much thread as before and then I saw that I had stitched both sides together. Pure frustrations set in because I had been working very diligently on this tee. I was 98% of the way done with the shirt and only had the bottom half of the "X" to stitch on. Needless to say I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was getting super excited to take pictures for Melissa. In order to not snap which kind of happened at my husband I went into cleaning mode, yes I clean when I'm mad, sad or happy! Takes me to another place where I can relax and not be frustrated plus my house gets the extra TLC it needs!!! By the way my house looks pretty darn clean. I could eat off my floors, but I won't just in case there is a deadly disease growing on our floor. I know that isn't the case, and yet you never know! I'm not willing to risk it. I didn't get to sleep until 2 this morning because James decided to snore all night and my tiredness finally kicked in. My body got to the point where the noise was drowned out and I could get some sleepy time. Only 2 more days until we leave for the Land of Sugar! We are taking the kids to the Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas. Ethan is going to be a Wizard, and Lily is going to be a Fairy. My mother in law is making his wizard's costume and I can't wait to see the final product. Very anxious and speaking of final products, I need to start as well as finish Lily's. It's crunch time! This is not like me to procrastinate, but it'll get done by tonight make no mistake about that! I won't have time tomorrow especially since we are leaving Friday afternoon. We have to hit the road and put the pedal to the metal! I do not want to hit Katy traffic and surely not Sugar Land traffic because we'll be so close to their house. That is all for now folks! Have a great day and GOD bless. Adios!
Mr. Cook!!! The man version of Betty Crocker.

Sitting on the counter waiting so patiently for me!