11 October 2010

Nothing exciting.

Today was a pretty calm and uneventful day!!! Ethan wasn't feeling to well, and it all has to do with his teethies. I feel helpless and if I could take the pain away to give it to myself I would! All I can do is give him Children's Advil since Tylenol can't get their act together and some little teething pills. Some days are worse than others and I can't wait till he's completely done cutting teeth. Ethan can take pain very well just like his momma, but sometimes he just doesn't want to deal with it and who can blame him? We are learning how to put sentences together!!! He is doing relatively great for his 15 months and adding to his vocabulary everyday. We are up to 50 words now and to think he's only supposed to know 7 words at this age. I've got a baby genius, but there are times where his learning abilities are not good! For instance today he learned how to unlock the child proof latch. My husband installed them a couple of months ago and he was watching my every move like a hawk. I started washing dishes and Ethan says "Momma, Loot, Loot!" He was holding a pot and I was like how on Earth did you get that? I thought maybe I didn't close the door right, but then I went to stir dinner. Ethan cracked the cabinet door open reached in this is arm and unlatched the lock. I was like Oh My LANTA, this is NOT good, not good at all! Now we have to find another way to lock these cabinets. The kids napped for about an hour today and the rest of our time was spent playing around the house! When daddy got home we ate dinner I had cooked and went out on our deck to carve pumpkins! Lily slept like a little angel the entire time. It was a nice evening except for those pesky mosquitoes. I am ready for a really frigid cold front comes through and kills all of them! I wanted to let Ethan feel the gooey insides, but he wasn't having it. I put his hand in and he gave the ugliest faces which were priceless!!! He ran around the yard and we were able to convince him to come inside by bribing him with taking a bath. That lil boy is a human fish!!! He went to bed at 8:30 and is peacefully sleeping. His sister on the other hand is not in a happy mood. She only wants daddy, but it's good because I am able to work on business items! Well that is all folks. Until next time take care and GOD bless. Adios
I slimmed the boys with Pumpkin GUTS!!

Then I was slimmed by my hubby!

He didn't want the insides touching him lol

Lily sleeping like an angel from heaven!

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  1. The teeth suck. I hate when they have issues. Y'all looked like y'all had a great time.