07 October 2010

Onward to the weekend

Getting ready for LIFT-OFF!!!
In the Process...

I have been working steadily at my tutus for Pookie Jane's Boutique in Gruene, Texas! I finished them up last night and then completed the final touches this morning before James left for school! Tis a great thing when professor's cancel a morning class. I am able to do about 10 things on my to do list without having to stop 50 times in the process. I'm not whining because my kids come first and I will not let this business of mine come between my duty as a momma. This morning went by again very quickly and after I finally wore Ethan out he went down in our bed by himself! My baby boy is learning and quite content with himself now. Before he would never let you put him down until he was out for more than an hour and the rocking oh goodness the rocking. Although I would have liked to have him secure with himself and allowed him to cry, but I honestly can say I wouldn't change a thing about the first year of Ethan's life! He was our first born and you learn for the next baby like we have for Lily. No parent is going to do anything 100% correctly and you have to do what you feel is right for your children. Everyone can give their opinions and pointers, but at the end of the day it is your life so live it the way you see fit! My two babies make my life complete and I can die in peace knowing that I brought two of the greatest gifts into this world with a lot of determination and rebellion! To think if I would have listened to those doctors who said I would never have a baby and if I did conceive I would have a miscarriage after month 2. All I have to say to those doctors I have two reasons that say you are wrong! Wow I can definitely get side tracked. I had to deliver the rest of Kelly's order this evening and wouldn't you know it, Gruene was having a huge wine festival! And what would you know I actually wanted to pick up my favorite of all favorite wine. It is a sweet wine made in Wimberley, Texas! So delicious, haven't had it in nearly 2 years. Then we drove all the way to Kyle to get Ethan's hair cut because he's been needing it done for weeks now. James and my mom took Ethan to get his hair cut back in August which led to the biggest botch job I've ever seen. It looked like Jim Carrey in "Dumb & Dumber" and more uneven unfortunately. This guy at Premiere Cuts by HEB in Kyle did a phenomenal job! He didn't like it at first and cried for about 2-3 minutes straight, but then saw that the gentleman wasn't going to hurt him. Come on little man I would die, kill, and steal for my son as well as daughter! He started to laugh and get the willies as the neck trimmer came out! We had such a great time and then we got a phone call about my business. We had a lovely young woman come over and purchase some bows! She is interested in getting a TEE made for herself; made my day again. God is pleasing me and my family beyond belief! Having faith as small as a mustard seed will prevail. Don't ever give up and when the hard times seem to get tougher just keep pushing forward. Like Dory says "JUST KEEP SWIMMING, JUST KEEP SWIMMING, SWIMMING, SWIMMING!" Ethan finally stopped fighting his sleepiness and fell asleep about 15-20 minutes ago. Then I got hungry so my hubby kept suggesting stuff to eat and I kept being difficult! I couldn't help, but just giggle at him because he had his thinking cap on. Well that is all for now guys! Have a wonderful evening. Adios
The new DO

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