18 October 2010

Vacay Weekend

I never realized how much I would think about Blogging while on our 2 day mini vacay. Actually I only thought about it twice since we were having such a blast! Friday my hubby got off of work at 2:15 and we drove to Sugar Land, Texas to my in laws house. What normally takes people 3 or 3.5 hours took us 2 hours on the dot! Yeah some may say I have a lead foot and yet others may say that is horrible with two children, but those people don't have a toddler. My son took about an hour nap and was awake for the last hour! He got fussy about 30-40 minutes from my in laws, what a relief because we figured he might just scream and yell so we would take him out of his chair. Thankfully Ethan was such a good sport and only fussed off and on!!! We got to Sugar Land at 5 and played in their backyard for about 2 hours. Ate dinner from Carreli's best Italian mom and pop restaurant I've ever eaten at! To think I used to believe the Italian Garden here in San Marcos was delicious. They don't hold a candle to Sugar Land's hidden secret! Ethan was all sorts of hyper Friday night and he didn't get to sleep until 10:45, very unlike him. But he hadn't seen his grandparents in over a month or two. I stupidly forgot to pack Lily's onesie that I made specifically for her Fairy Costume! My mother in law Lyn and I went over to Target got some supplies. It took me about an hour to come up with an idea and another hour to complete! I have to say it was well worth the time and effort because her onesie was perfect. She looked so incredibly adorable, but when does she not? We just have two of the most gorgeous and happy babies that you would ever know. To think I was afraid my babies would be ugly or bad! GOD blessed us with these little angels. Saturday James and I got up at 7:15 so we could get ourselves together before waking the children. I lost my cell phone and we all searched for about 45 minutes, but still nothing. I finally said it was okay that I didn't have it and we should go! We arrived at the Renaissance Festival at 10:15 and we all stepped back in time. Ethan put on his wizard costume that was the best looking outfit besides Lily's! We saw a few shows, the jousting and did some fun Toddler activities. I got my hair braided and face painted for reasonable prices. YAY for me! Lily made the QUEEN stop and awe over here for about 10 minutes. What can I saw we make beautiful babies! She was like that is mine, the perfect Fairy Princess and my hubby was like keep dreaming malady! As we waited on my mother in law Lyn to watch her favorite band there Ethan made a new friend. There was this nymph elf guy dressed from head to toe in a great costume! Ethan was back in his costume and they played around with each other for about 15 minutes!!! At one point there was about 7 to 8 people photographing there interaction! I was one of the 1, 7 or 8 people. People were coming up to me and showing the great pictures they had of our son. Ethan gave the man some knuckles, a good bye handshake and a wave bye-bye!!! We returned the wagon and were on the road again around 5:15 p.m. It took us around 2 hours to get to the RENFEST, but over 3 hours to get home. I despise Houston traffic and that right there is the reason we will not be moving there. If you think Austin has horrible traffic please don't waste your breath because I know real traffic now, ugh! My hubby and I played with our babies for a few more hours until they crashed. Saturday was such a great day and we all made memories that will last forever. Sunday we got up, helped get the house back to its normal state even though it wasn't a mess. I didn't let Ethan demolish the house because given the opportunity he would have and it's not appropriate to let your children disorganize others houses! Just some friendly reminders to people who let their kids pull things off of shelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables, etc. We were able to make a pit stop on Ethan's godfathers house!! Ethan played around with Jay's dog Annie and had the greatest time. His smile and laughter is the reason we want to get a puppy desperately. Ethan lit up and didn't stop smiling until we had to get back on the road!! But we have put the puppy hunt on hold for now because every puppy we've wanted has either been adopted or the owner keeps giving us the run around. My hubby and I see that as a sign that we don't need or should get a puppy right now. We plan to wait another 6-8 months and then revisit this idea!!! Now we are back home and it never felt so sweet. I started on some work projects, completed one of the tees I am making for a friend and started on the other before bed last night. I had a stomach attack last night and unfortunately I don't have anymore of my meds. I need to make an appointment with my new doctor in hopes of getting a new prescription because I need them to function. On a good note I worked through the pain and didn't have to go to the hospital or pass out. That is a first for me and I couldn't be any happier! I am exhausted, but in a good way and can't wait for Halloween. I am making Ethan his Sheriff costume and it will be my first outfit made by yours truly. I have stitched fabric onto an already made shirt, but I'm a little scared it won't look good. All that matters is that I try and that is all I should care about! I need to go register Lily for her baptism we are having on the 30th of this month. I have been wanting to get her christened since she was born, but since she was so itty bitty no dressed would fit her. She would get eat alive by all the fabric and we don't want that at all. I have a lot on my plate right now, but what would my life be without lots to do? Well that is all for now folks! Until next time have a wonderful day. Adios

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  1. So sweet! Love the photos, they are adorable.