10 October 2010

Pumpkin Patch was a SUCCESS

This is what my day consists of!!! Lucky me :o) They are GREAT

My main squeeze!!! Telling dad TOUCHDOWN
 Yesterday was my dad's birthday party and what a great evening it was! I helped my momma finish cooking the dinner and set up the driveway!! We had their tent set up outside!! Ethan ran around like a wild man as to be expected and he had an accident. His first real booboo and momma almost cried. Ethan has learned to run in little kids fast  speed and his little legs can't keep up. He tripped over his shoes and his the pavement. My dad felt so horrible, and so did I since I wasn't there when it happened, but my husband tells me that won't be the last time he hurts himself so be prepared. I hope to never have to see him in pain because it's gut wrenching to see the scratches on his nose and forehead. Poor baby boy!!!! My husband thought to make some extra cash he'd ref soccer games and in theory it was a great idea. Now I'm like ugh what did we sign up for? My husband refs all divisions of games and this means lately he's been completely zonked out. When it's little kids he's not so tired, but when the older ones are sprinting down the field he has to keep up! Lately he's been coming home; hanging out for a little while and then pass out cold! He gets up about one time to help with the kiddos and after midnight I'm on my own. They kids didn't wake up that much last night just once from each of them, but for some strange reason I woke up at 4:50 a.m. Out of nowhere I was wide awake just staring at the ceiling and then Lily woke up! I got her a bottle fed her, then James stopped snoring and I realized he was awake also. We sat there talking and then Ethan wakes up about 5 a.m. So the whole gang was just hanging out talking and playing! The kids and James went back to sleep around 5:15, but not momma. I came into the living room, made some bows, made Lily a tutu, and finished her onesie! By the time I knew it, I saw that the clock said 8:29, yikes bikes! I got dressed quickly raced over to the church to set up Lily's baptism. Come to find out the information the secretary from the office told me was incorrect and that I needed her to set up the individual ceremony. How annoying, but I digress! I am going to call first thing tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to get this little discrepancy smoothed out. I filled the gas tank up, and then decided that my SUV needed to be detailed! I went to get the car washed by sonic and the part that is supposed to move was jammed so only the front part of my SUV was getting cleaned. I called to get a refund and the owner just gave me the 4 digit password to wash my vehicle. Then I figured why not vacuum all the dirty and what nots off the floor of the black diamond. I got back home around 10:30 was gone for almost an hour! Everyone was in the same place I had left them around 9:30 that morning. It was great to be able to get all of our to do list completed without having to drag the kids around!! I received a call from a lady who bought bows from me at the Buda Fest and wants me to make some decorations for her daughter's baby shower!!! I was very touched that they thought I could do the job to their satisfaction. We have a meeting tomorrow and I'm going to give them my ideas for the decorations! Unfortunately I'll only have about 3 days to work on these items because we are heading to Sugar Land, Texas to visit my in laws and then Saturday we are taking the kids to the RENFEST!! Ethan is going to be a WIZARD and Lily is going to be a FAIRY. I cannot wait to see Ethan and Lily's outfits side by side! This week is going to be very busy, but I know GOD will help me get through it without losing my mind! But we took the kids to two pumpkin patches in Elgin, Texas. The first one was a dud not what I had expected, but who can complain when it was FREE? Then we went to the pumpkin patch we went to last year and it was ten times more fun! It's because Ethan is old enough to ride the horses, feed the animals, pick out pumpkins, paint and much more!!! We had a great time and Lily did a great job advertising for me. A hand out a couple of cards thanks to my incredibly adorable daughter, GO LILY B!!! Well that is all for now... I might not be able to write for a few days because I may not know which way is UP or DOWN. Adios
He was so excited to be able to hold and love on her!!!

Helping Papo blow out the candles!!

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