27 October 2010

Late Night Activities

My son is quite the character and always stirring up some type of fun for himself! He has recently started cutting 3 teeth on top of the 2 that have already broken through. This poor little guy is such a trooper and I lucked out that he isn't the type of baby that just screams or yells! He quietly climbs into my lap and cuddles for a few hours, then pushes away from me when he's okay he says "Momma All Beddder!" He cracks me up. Now for the past 2 nights my little boy has stayed up 3 hours past his bed time and momma hasn't been able to get any type of work done. My business is important to me, but that business does NOT hold a candle two my babies. If I fail or succeed does not really matter if my kids are not happy because at the end of the day money and success will not put happiness or love in their lives. Thankfully staying up till midnight has come with very great memories! One evening Ethan kept crawling into his bed and laying down then popping up yelling "MOMMY! I UV YOU!" with a huge grin on his face. Like a bolt of lightning he was gone in a flash, darting off to the living room and I was not too far behind him. I decided to come up with any way to get him to use up whatever energy he had bundled up inside. Thus the PILLOW FIGHT ensued. I was sitting on our couch and he was on the opposite side of our coffee table. I would toss our lightest pillows across at him and it would tap him in the chest which made him screech with excitement! He'd go pick up the pillows I tossed and come double fisting the biggest pillows at full speed to me. He knock me in the head and screech with delight! We played this game for about 15 minutes and after a minute or two of rubbing his eyes I knew the warrior was ready for bed. We tucked him into bed and kissed him goodnight! Night 2 Ethan could not get to bed thus sparked the buckin' bronco game. What I thought would last for 5 minutes did not correlate in Ethan time. My son's grasp on time is whenever he is tired of the game in 5 minutes or 95 minutes, but it is on his clock! I crawled around the living room for 45 minutes rearing up in the arm, kicked my legs back up and naaed like a horse. When I got tired after 8 minutes Ethan asked me "Why tired Momma?" and "Ahh Com'on Momma peeassee!" Since he had asked nicely and did not have a meltdown since I needed a break the game began again. Finally after 45 minutes of a constant cardio work out momma had to tagged out as Daddy tagged in. Ethan tried ever so sweetly to convince Daddy to continue the game he left off with Momma, but Daddy came up with an even better game! Ethan was tackled with tickles, kisses and belly blows. Their game last for a good 30 minutes and Ethan was still not tired. We had a load of laundry to fold and put away!!! I had the basket by me and I had Ethan take the article of clothing I had folded to Daddy on the other side of the living room. He walked back and forth for about 20 minutes, but that still did not do the job. Now 11:45 creeps around and Ethan slides off the recliner from Daddy, sluggishly walks over to me on the couch! He climbs into my lap and nuzzles up against my chest; not even 15 minutes later he was sawing logs. Ethan was out for the count and I tucked him into bed! This morning started off with a great laugh. Ethan and my day start off the same. We get his breakfast together, go pick out his clothes for the day, he eats his banana while I change his pamper, and clothe him! Well Ethan did not want to drink from his sippy cup I suppose because he dunked himself in my half a glass of Sunny D. He got a little bit of a shock when the nice and chilly liquid touched his body, but then that frown turned back into a smile. He started giggling and Momma also because in these instances what is getting upset going to do? Like the old saying goes "Don't cry over spilled MILK!" Thankfully it just got his shirt wet and we cleaned him up; picked out a new shirt. Today is going to be a fun day if this morning is foreshadowing of what is to come!!! Night 3 is tonight, so I leave this as a TO BE CONTINUED...
Climbing on!

He had a good grip!!!

Screeching with delight!

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