10 October 2010

Weighing the PROS & CONS

My Husband and I have been debating for a little while now whether or not we should get our son, Ethan a puppy! Although I have had a pure bred Dachshund named Codie or as Ethan calls him TODI. It's the cutest! Codie is not the best listener and would rather run away than stay put. I have never seen a dog with more energy and Ethan needs a puppy who can withstand being on the go 90% of the day. But my little wienie does not have an off switch and will jump on you, nudge you or do more annoying tactics to get you to play with him! All of us can push him away and all he does is knock Ethan over so you can see my dilemma. We did a pet quiz online this evening and we were give 6 different breeds of puppies that are best suited for our family!!! I googled some of their breeds and the pricing just blew me out of the water. Even if we could afford to pay $500+ for any of those pups I don't think we should! I would rather spend that amount of money for things my babies need. Then I found an adoption agency that has the breed of puppy we want for Ethan! She is a beagle & harrier mix, 3 months old which is the perfect age. It will only cost $10 to purchase her as a stipulation we have to get her spayed and that is no biggie at all. Compared to spending $500+ we will spend $50 max! Now that is what I call a good deal. I emailed the adoption agency and will god willing hear something back on Monday. Hopefully James won't change his mind about getting Ethan a puppy by then. My fingers are tightly crossed! If all fails we have decided to bring our kitty cat Hunnie back to our house. Ethan loves to chase her around and for some reason she lets him do whatever he wants to her without flinching! What a brave kitty cat we have! For you animal activist he isn't abusing our cat by any means, if you have children you know he isn't the gentlest petter.

How can I not fall for that face?!

And we shall call her "DAISY" or "MISSY"

Ethan & Hunnie Bunnie!!

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  1. Don't do it!! My best friend got her almost three year old a dog, thinking it would be a great experience (they already had two), and they seriously regret it. The puppy will be yours and not Ethan's and you already have SO much on your plate, adding a puppy to it :0
    Anyways, just an opinion from a good friend, wait till he's older to really enjoy the dog and help take care of it. (plus more money for food)