09 October 2010

My Pet Peeve

She loves to EAT & He loves his HORSE!!
You know when someone tells you "I'M GOING TO DO THIS..." But only do part of what they started and then you end up doing twice as much work to complete their task. That is my biggest pet peeve! Please please please when you start a project you must or should FINISH it out of respect for the other people around you. My husband thought he'd help me out by doing the laundry and hearing the sentence "Babe, I'll do the laundry, you please relax for once!" was like music to my ears! The angels in heaven were singing HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH. Now 3 days have passed and I've walked by our laundry room approximately 50-55 times. Every time I've noticed the washer door closed and the only time it is ever closed is when clothes are inside. I stub my foot on our hamper which slides into the dryer and it makes a huge gong noise. Most of your moms out there know the sound of an empty drier and I walk over to the door, open it. Yep there was not one article of clothing inside, no shirts, pants, socks, towels, nothing. I open the washer and get a whiff of musk water. I had to rewash those clothes again, dry, fold, and put them away all while taking care of our daughter. He was "doing the laundry" I played with our children and for what? For me to have to redo his half cooked work? This boy needs to remember that when he starts a project no matter how insignificant he may seem to him is very important to the flow in this household! I had to take 10 steps back to re-correct his work and on top of my daily routine/chores. He thinks it's alright that he can forget about the laundry because it's not a big deal and I shouldn't let the small stuff get to me. He is right on part of that, however it is not about us anymore this is about our children! There has to be structure and a routine so that I am not constantly having to do things. I am fed up with having to do everything by myself on top of the things he tries to do and fails miserably. I would love for him to do the laundry from start to finish and prove that he is capable of being responsible! Only time will tell and if he doesn't then he'll be sleeping with the raccoons because we don't have any dogs! We do have vermin so he better watch his back since some of them are very feisty. Just kidding I wouldn't make him sleep outside even though it might teach him to remember!

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