21 October 2010

Hands Down Best Concert Last Night

No caption needed!!!

Yesterday was a frustrating day with my business. I hate when people take advantage of me and say one thing, but do another. I am busting my toocas to build this business from the ground up by myself with no hand outs from anyone because that is just the type of person my parents raised. Here in the last 4 & 1/2 years after the separation from my ex fiance Chris; I've become a softy. I don't want to say I was a hard person, but I didn't put up with peoples b.s. or let anyone walk all over me. I know I pushed him away because of my own insecurities and now I've let that hardness of myself go for what happened with my ex. He was a great man, loved me with all that he had, surprised me with lilies all the time, would dance our song even though he hated dancing, snuggled just because he knew I liked it and took me out every Friday night for date night. I promised myself I'd never get hurt like that again and I promised that I'd never let myself push people away. But apparently I have let my guard go way down and the trust go way up. I need to realize that you cannot trust everyone you think you know. A girl I have known growing up ordered some cute flip flops with zebra print detailing on them and asked me to let her take the two pair even though she didn't have the money. She wrote me a check to hold as a way to know she plans to pay me back! I trusted that she wouldn't screw me around and now it's been over 2 months. I am beside myself because she has the audacity to start her own business like mine and tell me I've spent large amounts of money at Hobby Lobby, they must love me now. She owes me $25, but can spend hundreds of dollars and yet paying me is too much for them financially? Every time we set up a date to exchange her check for cash she bails on me and gives this sap story about something in her car breaking or kids needing this. You cannot tell me oh my kids feel sorry for me because please did you forget I have two little ones also? You cannot play that game with me. I am having to take this up with the district attorney's office because I am tired of her running me around! It's time I let go and let them take over from here. Maybe then I'll get my money back!!! But the highlight of my day came that evening....

After spending much of my day trying to find an extra ticket for my husband because none of my RRB (Randy Rogers Band) fan friends couldn't make it. It took me 4 hours of trying to sell my ticket and by chance they opened the ticket booth online for 10 minutes. I luckily got him a ticket and we got ourselves as well as the kiddos ready! My mom came over to watch the kiddos for us and we went to dinner at Garcia's; split beef fajita quesadillas!! Mhhhmmmm very delicioso for sure. We finished dinner around 7 and went to wait at Cheatham Warehouse for about an hour! James and I chit-chatted about stuff, talked two a few other people waiting in line. The concert got going around 9:15 and the boys finally went on stage at 10:00. And that is all she WROTE!! I sang my heart out to all their songs and even watched a girl I told to be discrete about drinking since she was 19 get kicked out. I guess her interpretation of discrete is standing on a chair with her beer in hand and her arm in the air with a huge "X" on her hand. She was a brunette wannabe sorority girl, but she should have been blonde for thinking she wouldn't get kicked out. You weren't that cute sweetheart, sorry! I didn't let her stupidity and ignorance ruin my night since we had befriended her and her friend who got kicked out for buying the drinks because she was over 21. Tisk Tisk Tisk ladies! We left the concert around 12:30 came home, dropped trow in the laundry room because our clothes wreaked of smoke. I hoped in the shower, and then my hubby!!! I snuggled under the cool sheets while my hubby got fresh and clean in the shower. We were up at 6:30 to take care of the kiddos. What a day its been! I cleaned the entire house: "vacuumed, swept, wiped down the counters, washed out the trash can, sanitized the diaper genie, pledged the coffee table" washed/folded clothes, cooked dinner, re-cleaned the kitchen, made both babies their nightly bottles & now it's momma time!! First 48 anyone?! That is my new favorite show ever since I quit my job at the Hays County District Attorney's office. Well that is all for now!! Adios

Waiting for my BOYS to HIT the STAGE!

My hubby bought me the RRB HAT!! Yay

Les Lawless (Drummer) and I


  1. Don't let the bounced check get to you, try to fix it, but don't let it ruin your day. I'm glad you had fun at the concert, looked wonderful.

  2. I'm so over the issues with that girl! After talking with Janice in Caldwell my worries all went away :o) Thank you!!!