13 October 2010

Out of NoWhere

Yesterday was a regular Tuesday for me and the kids!!! Ethan up at 8, breakfast at 8:15ish, play time from 8:45-9:30, and a 1 hour nap. But our afternoon was getting spruced up! I have volunteered my eyes for research. I know you are wondering how do you volunteer your eyes for research? My mother works in the physical therapy department at Texas State University and some of the students are developing a theory on eye sight. They need 2-3 people who have no eye sight or brain issues and will test people who have eye or brain problems. I was dropped off my by mom to Derek Hall while she watched my 2 gorgeous babies. My meeting experiment started at noon, but it took me 20 minutes just to find the dang room and another 30 minutes for the tests. 231 B is inside 231 and it is helpful if you read signs, thank you very much! I was afraid that the tests were going to be difficult, but they weren't and I was greatly relieved. After all was said and done the clock struck 12:43 which meant my mom only had 17 minutes for lunch therefore we rushed over to the LBJ student center to get our grub on! I am not sure what Pizza Hut on campus puts in their Pepperoni Pizza, but speaking from experience please don't eat it. A fair warning!!! We said our good-byes with my mom and their grandma then we were off to go home. The minute I walked in the door an overwhelming pain hit all over my body specifically my tummy. Our living room didn't seem so cool anymore and every 2-4 minutes I was in the bathroom TBC (taking care of business). After 30 minutes of having to sprint to our restroom I tried calling my husband! What do you know? He doesn't answer and even better it goes straight to voice mail meaning he never charged it the night before. I get a message on Facebook telling me he forgot to re-juice his battery and I scramble around to find my phone! I get a hold of my mom who catches James right before he leaves work. Oh yes my mom and husband work together except James is just part-time! TSU won't allow him to work full-time while going to school full-time, stinky, stinky, stinky, but I understand their rationality. The two of them hopped in my moms trail blazer and raced over to our house to help me out! Thankfully my mom caught James because once he leaves work for the afternoon there is no telling where he goes? Some days he'll go to the REC to exercise, the Library to study, student center to watch TV or the quad to READ outside since the weather has been magnificent lately. James stayed home and missed his afternoon class to take care of our kiddos! I laid down in our bed, but Ethan had other plans! He kept screaming "momma, momma, momma!" I let him come snuggle in bed with me. It's not his fault that momma felt like complete poop and he is used to being with me day in and day out. When you are a mommy there is no break time, no time to be sick, or free time!!! I will suck it up for my kids and not let not feeling well consume me. Mind over matter, remember that. I finally gave into the need to sleep and took about a 1.5 hour nap. But really it was closer to a 45 minute nap because every 20-25 minutes Ethan was wanting to climb into bed with me. And what good mother turns her baby away? Not this one that is for sure. I felt a little out of it when I woke up,  but pushed through it. I got up, walked around for a while and then  made my way back to bed!! My padre stopped by to snatch his grandson for dinner at their favorite restaurant, Mamacita's. Gave me time to work on Miss Alex's 1st birthday tee! All was going well until James distracted me and I didn't realize that the other side of the shirt had snuck under the lettering. I knew something was wrong because I was using twice as much thread as before and then I saw that I had stitched both sides together. Pure frustrations set in because I had been working very diligently on this tee. I was 98% of the way done with the shirt and only had the bottom half of the "X" to stitch on. Needless to say I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was getting super excited to take pictures for Melissa. In order to not snap which kind of happened at my husband I went into cleaning mode, yes I clean when I'm mad, sad or happy! Takes me to another place where I can relax and not be frustrated plus my house gets the extra TLC it needs!!! By the way my house looks pretty darn clean. I could eat off my floors, but I won't just in case there is a deadly disease growing on our floor. I know that isn't the case, and yet you never know! I'm not willing to risk it. I didn't get to sleep until 2 this morning because James decided to snore all night and my tiredness finally kicked in. My body got to the point where the noise was drowned out and I could get some sleepy time. Only 2 more days until we leave for the Land of Sugar! We are taking the kids to the Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas. Ethan is going to be a Wizard, and Lily is going to be a Fairy. My mother in law is making his wizard's costume and I can't wait to see the final product. Very anxious and speaking of final products, I need to start as well as finish Lily's. It's crunch time! This is not like me to procrastinate, but it'll get done by tonight make no mistake about that! I won't have time tomorrow especially since we are leaving Friday afternoon. We have to hit the road and put the pedal to the metal! I do not want to hit Katy traffic and surely not Sugar Land traffic because we'll be so close to their house. That is all for now folks! Have a great day and GOD bless. Adios!
Mr. Cook!!! The man version of Betty Crocker.

Sitting on the counter waiting so patiently for me!

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  1. I hate stomach bugs, they are the worst. I can't wait to see Alex's shirt, I'm sure it's adorable.