22 September 2010

Giving Up....

After hours of chit-chatting with Sara about our Fall Photo Shoot and everyday annoyances the topic of growing OLD came up. She had a little funny break down because she just realized she'll be 40 in 10 years and I told her for being 30, she's HOT! However, you know us women we never believe it and I'll say it again SARA YOU ARE GREAT LOOKING, YOU DON'T LOOK YOUR AGE! She was explaining to me that she wanted to start taking care of herself better and it honestly got me thinking about the bad habits I have. We started discussing how addicted we are to sodas or for you northerners pop! Then I had an epiphany of all epiphanies. Let's give up sodas/pop! Now I didn't say it was a smart epiphany, but an epiphany nonetheless. We are  going to start on Monday so we can have the rest of the week and weekend to guzzle as much soda before we go cold turkey! We made the agreement to have a check in everyday with our husbands and a monthly one with each other. It's strictly on the HONOR system and to reward ourselves we are going to get pedi's at the end of each month! Here is the tricky part if we cheat that person has to pay for both pedi's. Yikes! Some people drink water when they are dehydrated, I drink coke. Not good, not good at all! I can already feel those withdrawal headaches and I haven't even started yet. Oh what have I gotten myself into? I know this is for my health, but more so for my children. Drinking sodas/pop is very unhealthy and I don't want my kiddos to drink them as if they were water. I want better for my babies! I should have given up this bad habit a long time ago, but it took the actions of my son to make me see I needed to do it now! My little man drinks all sorts of beverages: milk, oj, fruit juice, gatorade, water, etc. My hubby accidentally left his Dr. Pepper on the coffee table and I hear the sound of aluminum rubbing across the wood and I turn around to see my son raising the can up! It was a mad dash from our kitchen door way to our living room, 15 feet of a straight USA Olympics run! I remember saying NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO..... I can see the soda/pop coming out of the can in slow motion and I as I get there too late he is drenched from head to toe with the can still in the air. He was giggling and saying momma yum, momma yum! His first encounter with soda/pop was a good one in his eyes and I am mortified because he really enjoyed what liquid he was able to consume. Am I looking forward to giving up my most unhealthy habit? No, not in the least, but I know it is the right thing to do. It is ironic that I am a health nut when it comes to my food intake, but I guess everyone has their weaknesses and mine just happens to be COCA-COLA! Some women obsess over shoes, others make up and mine is drinking a soda/pop. I know what a weirdo, but this is me and I love being different. Being average isn't in my vocabulary!!! You all caught me you caught the Coca-Cola bandit, but it won't be long until this bandit abandons the lifestyle. We can do it Sara, I know it!
Ethan after he had his daddy's Dr. Pepper!

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