21 September 2010

Potty Training 101

Well my husband and I came up with the MILLION DOLLAR idea to POTTY train our 15 month old. This idea came into play last night after our son had an explosion in his diaper that almost knocked us off of our feet. I swear for a little boy he has man poop and it is worse because it gets smeared all over his bottom area. I wanted to make it an adventure to find his toilet, but my hubby had other plans. I was about to get Ethan ready to help find it even though I knew it was placed on his shelf in the closet. My hubby walks into the living room with the toilet and goes "let's do it!" Ahhh my other love GEORGE STRAIT. So much for making it fun to find the toilet for out little man, but I digress. My hubby strips Ethan of all articles of clothing from the waist down and it was hilarious because his shirt covered part of his man business, but not all. He liked sitting on his FROGGY toilet, and then after 10 minutes he was over it. Ethan took off like a bolt of lightning, running from room to room calling the horses! He opens and closes his hand to the horses which makes them come. All thanks to my padre for teaching him that! It is super cute to see him call the horses until he's been asleep on your shoulder for almost half an hour and as soon as he starts to snore he wakes up from a dead sleep to call the horses with a huge smile on his face. He is a character! Well back to potty training... My husband finally corrals our monkey boy and places him back on the toilet! I was working on my POODLE SKIRT TUTU when my hubby just abandons the training to do who knows what in the bedroom?! Ethan was good and sat there for another few minutes then hops off as if a needle pricked his toosh. Squats next to his toilet and lets nature call like a waterfall. I start laughing uncontrollably yelling for my hubby to come in and get our son. James was like what are you laughing at, and I tell him Ethan peed right next to his toilet! My hubby didn't think it was funny, but with moments like these all you can do is laugh and learn. Now my husband realizes he cannot leave a little boy to his own devices or accidents like these will emerge at every corner! I am getting peace and quiet for now because my son again for the 4th time has put himself to sleep. I could really SCREAM and JUMP for joy, but I'll contain myself. Today is a new day and we are officially officially starting potty training!!! Wish us LUCK, we'll need it with this little cowboy...

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